N5TeAM - Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics


Summer School in Applied and Engineering Mathematics 2014

N5TeAM Summer School will be organised 9-13 June in Lillsved, in Stockholm Archipelago (Sweden).

Course topic:

Inverse problems

Teacher: Prof. Nuutti HYvönen (Aalto University School of Science)
Extent: 3 ECTS

During one week we will have an intensive course consisting of lectures and group work. Preparatory reading material will be sent to the participants.

Course description:
When solving an inverse problem, the goal is to retrieve information about some quantity that is not directly observable. As an example, a typical inverse problem in the field of medical imaging is determining the electric potential on the surface of the heart from electrode measurements on the skin. A characteristic feature of inverse problems is ill-posedness: a small amount of noise in the data or small errors in the model may produce huge perturbations in the reconstruction of the quantity of interest. A cure for ill-posedness is the use of regularization methods: the original ill-posed problem is replaced by a ‘nearby’ well-posed one. In addition to classical regularization techniques, this course also provides a quick glance at Bayesian inversion.

Monday:  lectures 9-12, tutorials 15-17
Tuesday: lectures 9-12, tutorials 15-17
Wednesday: lectures 9-12, tutorials 15-17
Thursday: lectures 9-12, tutorials 15-17
Friday: lectures 9-11 (recap)

Lecture Material (pdf)

There will be an inverse problems PhD course in Copenhagen the week after. This could be of interest to students that want to get quickly further in these topics. See more info on the course website:

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