N5TeAM - Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics

Summer School 2013


The N5TeAM Summer School 2013 will be organised 9 - 15 June 2013 in The Archipelago Research Institute University of Turku on the island of Seili in Nauvo, Finland.

In addition to N5TeAM students, the summer school is open also for other Master students. Also last year Bachelor students may apply.

Prerequisites for the course:

  • The applicant should have solid knowledge of the following subjects: 
    • vector calculus
    • linear algebra
    • ordinary differential equations
    • numerical analysis
    • probability
    • statistics
  • In addition, a basic understanding of partial differential equations and knowledge and experience of a higher programming language are required.

N5TeAM consortium offers scholarships for N5TeAM students and students of the consortium univeristies (Aalto, Chalmers, DTU, KTH and NTNU). Also last year Bachelor students may apply. The scholarship application deadline is postponed till 30 April 2013. See more information on the Scholarships page.

Students without the scholarship will pay 225€ for meals and accommodation on Seili and take care of their own travel costs.

Please note that the students are personally responsible for adequate health, accident, disability, and hospitalization insurance coverage during participation.


Accommodation is arranged  in 2- 4 person rooms. 


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack are offered each course day.


As proper Finns do, we will go to sauna several times during the summer course.

Free-time activities

There will be a lot of fun after the class on Seili island! If you don´t just want to relax by the beautiful sea, we can arrange for example a football or volley ball tournament. The rowing boats of the Institute are also at your disposal. More detailed free time programme will be published closer the summer scholl beginning.

Travel instructions

Travel instructions will be sent to participantns closer the summer.

Summer School Prgramme

Information on the programme

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