N5TeAM - Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics
photo by Niclas Jansson, Johan Hoffman

Study Programme for intake 2012


Mobility plan and study tracks

N5TeAM is a two-year Master of Science programme (120 ECTS credits). During the programme the students study at two of the five Nordic partner universities: Aalto University in Finland, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Each partner acting as a home university (University 1) provides 60 ECTS as first year study package.  For the second year students, the host university (University 2) provides a 30 ECTS package of courses and Master´s thesis supervision jointly with the student’s home university.

The possible study tracks are the following:


The curriculum details and lists of courses: Aalto, Chalmers, DTU, KTH, NTNU.


First year studies

The first year studies are divided into core courses (30-40 credits) and key competences (20-30 credits). The core courses provided by the home university (University 1) cover the following areas:

  • Analysis
  • Scientific computing
  • Stochastics
  • Discrete mathematics


Second year specialisations

The second year specialisations are the following:
Aalto: Numerical analysis
Chalmers: Stochastics, PDE
DTU: Applied mathematical analysis, cryptology and coding theory
KTH: Biocomputing
NTNU: Computational and spatial statistics, computational mechanics, geosciences and geometric integration


N5TeAM Summer School

After the first academic year, a common summer school of two weeks is organized for all  students in the programme. During the Summer School students engage in intensive case studies in small teams with guidance by international experts. The first summer school will be organized in 2013.


Degrees awarded

Aalto University Master of Science (Technology)
Chalmers Master of Science (120 credits)
DTU Master of Science in Engineering
KTH Master of Science (120 credits)
NTNU Master of Science in Applied and Engineering Mathematics



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