N5TeAM - Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics

Required Application Documents 2015

  1. Officially attested copy of original Bachelor's degree certificate *   
    The studies must be completed by 31 July 2015. See also the country-specific documentation requirements. In some countries students are awarded a provisional certificate upon graduation while waiting for the issuance of a final degree certificate. Provisional degree certificates cannot be more than five years old.  If the provisional degree certificate has been issued more than five years prior to beginning of the application period, the applicant must deliver an attested copy of the final degree certificate.

  2. Authorised translation of the degree certificate (if applicable).    
    If the degree certificate is issued in a language other than English, an authorised translation of the degree certificate must be submitted. **

  3. Official transcript of records or an officially attested copy of the original  transcript * listing the completed university studies.  Please provide your full education history in case you have completed or started a second degree after the Bachelor's degree, i.e. provide also the officially attested transcripts and possible degree certificate of that degree. See also the country-specific documentation requirements.
  4. Authorised translation of the transcript (if applicable).   
    If the transcript is in a language other than English, an authorised translation of the transcript must be submitted.

  5. Language test scores or an officially attested copy of school-leaving certificate (if secondary education and a Bachelor's degree from a Nordic country is a proficiency in English). See more information on language test requirements and language test exemptions at Admission and Language Criteria.

  6. A copy of passport or ID card.

  7. Curriculum vitae.  
    A summary of your academic and work history with contact details.

  8. Motivation letter: The motivation letter is part of your online application form. You can prepare the letter in advance (max. 4000 characters) and copy-paste it to the online form. In the letter of motivation, please outline your academic and professional reasons for applying for admission to the programme.

  9. Two recommendation letters: At least one academic recommendation is preferred. The recommendations should be written by a university professor or lecturer, namely by a person who has supervised you in either academic or employment capacity. The recommendations must be original: photocopies are not accepted.

  10. Course descriptions of courses taken in the relevant subject areas.
    The academic evaluators would like to check the content of your courses as quite often the course titles in the transcript are not informative enough. To provide the course descriptions, please use the course description form (doc).  

  11. Relevant letters of reference (work certificates) and other certificates of relevant activities (patents, publications).
    In case you have work experience or other activities that could support your application, include copies of these documents to your application. If you have publications, submit a copy of those.

  12. GRE test is not compulsory for admission; however, high GRE scores are considered a merit. If you have taken a GRE test, please provide a copy of your test results.


* Copies: The copies of study certificates must be attested by the issuing institution or by a notary public. If the copy is attested by the issuing institution, the copy must bear an official and original stamp and signature of an authorised university official (degree administration/examinations office or equivalent department) at the issuing institution. Certifications and statements given by professors or the head of department will not be accepted.

The copies must be made of the original, official documents. Copies of copies are not be accepted. If the certificate has several pages, each page must be certified from the right side of the page. Each page must be certified separately and indicate clearly the date and the original signature, printed name and stamp of the certifying officer. The mere mention of the official copy (eg. stamp "True copy") is not enough. Please also see the country-specific documentation requirements.

Do not send your original documents as application documents will not be returned.

**  Translations: All required documents must be available in English. If the original study certificates are not issued in English, the applicant must provide official translations of them. A translation is regarded official if it is made by an authorised translator or by the university that has granted the degree. Translations must be either originals or certified copies of the original translations. All translations must be accompanied with a certified copy of the original document.

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