N5TeAM - Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics

Admission and Language Criteria

General admission criteria
Programme specific admission criteria
Selection criteria
Language requirements
Right to appeal


General admission criteria

Successful applicants should hold a Bachelor’s degree from a university fulfilling the following requirements:

  • The university must be an official and recognized part of the national education system.
  • The university has to be found on an official list or in an international handbook that is completed by an international organization (e.g. UNESCO)

The applicants must hold a degree in the same or relevant field. The programme applied for will make the final decision on the suitability of the previous degree.

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • They should hold a Bachelor’s degree of 180 ECTS or 3/5 of a Master's degree completed. The Bachelor´s degree must be of at least three years of full-time study.
  • Students in their final year of their Bachelor's degree are eligible to apply, provided they complete their Bachelor's degree by 31 July 2015.



Programme specific admission criteria:

The most important evaluation criteria are the general study success and the content of the previous degree(s). In addition:

  • The applicant should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in science (B.Sc.) or engineering (B.Eng.) or documented equivalent studies in mathematics and applied sciences such as physics.
  • The applicant should have solid knowledge of the following subjects: vector calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary differential equations.
  • Knowledge of any of the following areas is considered an advantage: abstract algebra, number theory, numerical analysis, probability or statistics, and partial differential equations.
  • Ideally, the applicant also has some experience of a higher programming language.
  • Success in GRE General, GRE Mathematics or GMAT tests is considered a merit.

When evaluating the applicant’s content of the previous studies/degree and dedication to the programme, the selection board takes into consideration if studies in the N5TeAM programme will give the applicant genuinely new knowledge.



Selection Criteria

Admission to the programme is granted on competitive basis - the applicants are assessed on the basis of their previous academic record. The number of seats is restricted. The programme does not have a minimum quota to be fulfilled and not all eligible applicants will necessarily be admitted .

The selection is paper-based. The students are assessed on whether they meet the general eligibility requirements for studies in the N5TeAM programme as well as on an academic evaluation made by the Selection Board  based on the following criteria:

Recognition and quality of the home institution
The applicant's previous degree will be evaluated based on the recognition and quality of the university and programme.

Validity and content of degree(s)
See above for programme specific prior knowledge.

Study success
A successful applicant should have achieved consistently very good grades throughout the degree studies (high weighted average grade or GPA), which typically leads to graduation with distinction.

The applicant should be motivated to study the chosen field and committed to full-time studies with a plan to complete the Master's degree in two years.

Language proficiency
The applicant must meet the mandatory language requirements. In addition to this, it is critically important to be able to use English as a working language. The studies are conducted fully in English.

At least one academic recommendation is preferred. The recommendations should be written by a university professor or lecturer, i.e. by a person who has supervised the applicant in either academic or employment capacity. The recommendation must be an original document: photocopies are not accepted.

Relevant work experience or other relevant activity (patents, publications, etc.)
The applicant's other relevant achievements may be considered if documented in the application.

When evaluating the applicant’s content of the previous studies/degree and dedication to the programme, the selection board takes into consideration if studies in the Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics will give the applicant genuinely new knowledge.

Admission target quota for 2015:
Aalto: 20
NTNU: 10
Chalmers: 10
DTU: 15



Language requirements:

The applicants must have an excellent command of English and they must present an official language test report. The acceptable tests are TOEFL, IELTS and Pearson PTE Academic test. No other English proficiency tests are accepted.

Acceptable language tests and their minimum scores:

Paper-based: 580 (written section grade 4.5)
Internet-based test: 92 (written section grade 22)
More information on TOEFL.

6.5, no section lower than 5.5
Only Academic IELTS test accepted.
More information on IELTS.

Pearson PTE Academic (English B) test:
Total grade 62 (written section grade 61)
More information on Pearson PTE Academic test

NOTE! The minimum requirements are very strict. If your score does not fulfill the minimum requirements, you are not eligible to apply and your application cannot be processed.

IELTS, TOEFL and PTE results are valid for two years starting from the test date.

Submitting the language test scores

The language testresults must be received by the N5TeAM Admission Office by  the application deadline 15 April 2015. Unfortunatly we are not able to make any exemptions to this deadline.

If you take the IELTS test, enclose a regular copy of your score report with the application. The IELTS scores are verified officially by the N5TeAM Admission Office through a service offered by the testing authorities.

If you take the TOEFL test, you need to ask for the official score report to be sent directly to Aalto University as soon as the score is available. Please make sure to use Aalto University's institutional reporting code 7364. Only the official score report submitted by ETS is accepted. If the TOEFL IBT score delivery request has been made before the application has been submitted, the applicants are asked to give their TOEFL Registration ID number (16 digits, e.g. 00000000xxxxxxxx). The Admission Office verifies scores which have been reported with Aalto University's institutional code 7364 in an online verification system provided by the testing authorities. The scores can be accessed in approximately 1-2 weeks after the delivery order has been made.

If you take the PTE A test you can deliver their score to Aalto University once you have signed in to the PTE account on the test organizer's website. The scores can be sent to an unlimited number of institutions free of charge. The test organizer will send an email to confirm that the scores have been sent. Note that according to PTE, it takes up to 48 hours for scores to be sent to institutions. For more information on how to deliver PTE results, please see the test organizer's website.

Fill in the test date and the test scores in the application form, if they are already available.

If you take your language test and receive the score after the submission of your application to N5TeAM Admission Office, please notify us by e-mail (master-n5team [at] aalto [dot] fi).

Please make sure that you register for the language test well in advance. There might not be test dates available or they may be fully booked. To find out more about the test dates and test centres, please visit the test organizers' websites.

English language test exemptions:

  1. Applicants who have completed a university degree instructed in English at a university that is physically located in one of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. The language of the studies must be clearly stated in the application documents.

  2. Applicants who have completed at least a 3-year degree instructed in English in an EU/EEA country. The language of the studies must be clearly stated in the application documents.

  3. Applicants with upper secondary education and a Bachelor's degree (issued or ongoing if the applicant is currently enrolled in the last semester) from a Nordic country may be exempted from an additional English test. Please include an offically attested copy of school-leaving certificate of your upper secondary education into your application package.



Right to appeal

Applicants who have not been selected to the programme and are dissatisfied with the selection result may ask for rectification in writing if they believe an error has been made in the evaluation or selection procedure. The letter has to be addressed to the N5TeAM consortium committee and it has to arrive within 14 days of the release of the selection results in the Apply-system. The letter must include the name of the applicant, the ID number of the application, the decision concerned, the correction requested and the grounds for the rectification.

N5TeAM Consortium
Aalto University School of Science
P.O. Box 15400
FI-00076 AALTO
(if you use a courier service, street address: Konemiehentie 2, city: 02150 Espoo, tel. +358 50 512 2693)


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