N5TeAM - Master’s Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) encompasses 7 faculties and 53 departments. Approximately 20000 students are enrolled at NTNU, half of these are studying technology or the natural sciences. NTNU has a staff of 4500 persons, with almost 2700 in academic or scientific positions. About 300 PhD-degrees are awarded yearly. NTNU has a broad range of contacts with International R&D actors, in academia as well in industry. The annual budget of NTNU is around 500 million Euro, 25 % of which is externally funded. NTNU participates in 60 projects funded by the 6th EU RTD Framework Programme (FP6), and more than 30 projects under FP7 are funded by October 2009. NTNU recognises Computational Mathematics as one of its strategic areas.

Department of Mathematical Sciences (IMF) is part of the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at NTNU. IMF has 100 employees, including 45 faculty and 50 PhD students. 50 Msc-degrees and 10 PhD-degrees are awarded annually, (IMF has attracted Norway's best students for over 50 years.)

Key academic personnel

Associate professor Jo Eidsvik is the coordinator of the subprogramme in Industrial Mathematics at NTNU, organized under the Physics and Mathematics programme. His main areas of research are spatial and computational statistics, and he is teaching courses in statistics.

Associate professor Anne Kvaerno

Key administrative personnel

Oddrun Walstad Maao, The Office of International Relations

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